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Know How - Parent/Student Handbook :
A very Cordial Welcome to the Parent - Student Handbook of SIS.
This Section is helpful to both i.e. for the existing SIS parents & students as well as for those who are willing to join us. It gives a concise summary of the values and policies which govern the day to day running of the school, together with the indication of future direction. It is important for prospective parents and students to study this handbook so that they have a clear idea of the school, their child is going to join. It is equally important for existing parents and students to read it so that we can all have a clear basis for a shared vision of our school. SIS is a dynamic institution and the handbook will be updated on a regular basis.

Academic Management Structure:
SIS has a comprehensive management structure designed to ensure maximum effectiveness in the delivery of the curriculum and other aspect of our academic programme. Three Academic programmes are executed in one session:
Primary School Programme - Nursery to Grade 5 | Middle School Programme - Grade 6 to 8 | Senior School Programme - Grade 9 to 12
Parents with Particular concern about the academic progress of their children are encouraged to contact the subject teacher in the first instance .If further information is required, the school Principal can be contacted. There are also Subject HODs who are responsible for the delivery of the programme in their specific areas of expertise. These various responsibilities are detailed in the faculty visit as on the website.

SIS encourages students in their spiritual development. Our teaching does not follow any particular faith. Students are taught to understand and respect all the religions and are encouraged to practice their own faith.

Assessment !

Pattern on Assessment, Reporting and Examination:
The objective of assessment is to give information about the student's progress to the teacher, student and the parents. The SIS reporting system is designed to give such information on a regular and systematic basis. However, the school is also committed to inform parents immediately if any problem arises. Parents can also access the progress of their wards on the school website, students Portal as well as parents portal on frequent intervals.
Assessment is done regularly and is both Formative and Summative. The Formative Assessment is designed with a combination of Pen Paper Test/Activity based as well as project based Assignments. Student's Performance is also assessed on the basis of some outstanding and active participation in some school activities during the academic session. The assessment data is divided in the following way -
Subjects :- English, Hindi, Maths, S.ST, C.SC || Assessment :- Included in FA Subjects :- GK, Sanskaar, Art & Craft || Assessment :- Included in SA

Semester 1:- Parent-Teacher Meeting just before the Semester break and one meeting at the Semester.
Semester 2:- Parent-Teacher Meeting just before the mid Semester break and one meeting at the end of the Final.

End of Semester:
Applicable for Primary upto Senior Secondary Level. All Assessment sheets of the child will be shown to the parents only during the Parent-Teacher Meeting.

Special Call: Grade 10 and 12 :
Parent-Teacher Meeting just before and after every assessment can also be called. Preboard Examinations will take place in the month of December for both grade 10 and 12th in which the child has to appear as a mandatory instruction.

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Homework may take a range of forms including: The completion of class work or preparation of assessment
Research and project work
Mathematical problem

Health Card:
The school is very particular about every individual's health and safety. Parents are required to complete the Health form with all the relevant details. All inoculation details and allergy conditions must be included in the form with detailed information.