1. All children must reach the school between 8.30 A.M. to 8.45 A.M.
2. All students must attend the school Assembly.
3. Late comers should bring a note of explanation from their Parents.
4. Students must bring books according to the specified Time-Table. They must see that all books are neatly covered and labeled.
5. Students are strictly forbidden to leave the school premises at unusual times. In case of emergency/sickness an application should be made to the Principal seeking permission.
6. Students must not run around inside the school building. They must observe silence while walking through the corridors or while going up and down the staircase.
7. Students/Parents should avoid offerings gifts or presents to any of the staff at any time.


1. All students must wear only prescribed uniform on all weekdays without making any alterations. It should always be clean.
2. Coloured dress is allowed only on Birthdays for Std. I to V and on other occasions as and when announced by the school. Vth onwards students are not allowed to wear coloured dress on ANY OCCASION.
3. The nails of the children will be checked on every Monday. They should be properly trimmed and kept clean. Nail painting if any kind is strictly prohibited.
4. Tatoos, Bangles, Goggles, Fancy Pins, Mehendi, etc. are strictly not allowed to be worn in the school. However, Girls may wear small earrings.
5. Boys must have a regular crew-cut. The student boys are allowed to grow either moustaches or beard. The girls can arrange their hair in 1 or 2 braids and tie them up with white ribbon or 2 pony tails white ribbon. White hair band must be used for short hair.