General Rules !

Points to Remember:

1. At the First stroke of the bell at 8.45 AM, all must fall in line immediately and form the lines for the assembly where they will recite for Prayers and subsequently move silently to their Class-Rooms.
2. All are expected to speak in ENGLISH in SCHOOL.
3. Utmost cleanliness must be observed in School Premises. Throwing litter, pieces of paper, seeds and skins of fruits is strictly prohibited. Use of Dustbins provided should be made for this.
4. Writing or Scribbling on walls and desk, benches or anywhere else is strictly prohibited.
5. Any kind of damage done by pupils to the school equipments, furniture, building, etc will have to make good and penalty shall be decided by the Principal.
6. Strict regularity, implicit obedience, politeness, courtesy in speech and conduct and cleanliness of books, dress and person are rigidly insisted upon.
7. Silence must be observed in the corridors and on the stairs during class hours. They should not be found talking in between periods.
8. No books (other than Text or Library books), newspapers or periodicals must be brought to School. Any objectionable literature found in possession of the student justifies dismissal.
9. The school shall not be held responsible for books, money, clothes and other articles that are lost. Students must look after their own things. It is not advisable for pupils to have money, valuable articles or jewllery with them. Harmful or lethal objects should not be brought to school. Beware, it is criminal to carry harmful or lethal objects.
10. Fancy watches are not allowed to be worn in the school and will be confiscated. Students from Std. VII only will be allowed to wear wrist watches.


1. Irregular attendance and unjustified absence justifies dismissal. Students must not be kept away from the School for celebrations like engagements, marriages, poojas, etc.
2. The parents of the children who remain absent even for a day must write a note in the 'Leave and Absentee Record' in the calendar stating the reason for absentee. It must be signed by both Parents as well as the Teachers.
3. In case of a long sickness, a letter must be sent to the Principal on a neat sheet of paper enclosed in an envelop with appropriate details written on it. Parents must not wait to send this intimation until the child recovers. Parents must produce a medical certificate for absence on account of illness.
4. Child will be marked present only if he/she represents the school in competitions. For private competition, he/she will be marked absent.
5. Absence for any other reason would be permitted only with the prior permission from the Principal. Leaving the school premises without Principal's permission is strictly not allowed. In case, if the student is found missing from the class, the school will no longer be responsible for his/her act as well as safety. Such Student will not be allowed to resume classed unless he/she is accompanied by parents. Only after discussion with parents and student, the Principal will decide what disciplinary action should be taken.
6. Attendance is compulsory on Independence Day Celebration, Republic Day Celebration, first and last working day of each session.
7. Parents taking children away during school vacation must make sure that the children attend the school on the last and first working day. Non-Availability of reservation of tickets will not be accepted as an excuse for coming late/leaving early.
8. In case the child misses the syllabus completed during absence, it will be parent's responsibility to cover the syllabus.
9. If child remains absent from school for more than a month without intimation his name will be deleted from the Roll.

Notifications !

For Parents:

1. When communicating with the Principal parents are requested to mention in their Letters, the Standard and Divison of their Child. if it related to the siblings studying in different classed, two separate letters should be given.
2. Any certificated, endorsements, verifications from the school should be asked fro three days in advance through a handwritten application to the Principal.
3. Parents are expected to cooperate with the School Authorities by enforcing punctuality, regularity, personal cleanliness and discipline by seeing that their children prepare their lessons and by taking active and helpful interests in the activities of the School.
4. Parents should see that their children attend school regularity and in time. The school uniform and school books should be checked every day.
5. Parents should inculcate regular study habits and check on their children's homework. In case of problems, please see the Principal during visiting hours.
6. Reports or Remarks sent by the Teachers must be acted upon immediately. Parents must come to collect their ward's progress report card for the final exam. Progress report card will not be handed over to anybody's else.
7. Criticisms of teachers or the school in children's presence should be avoided. You can come directly to us. Please meet the Principal regarding such matters.

8. Parents Teachers Interaction: PTI meeting is arranged by school and should be attended by at least one parent. Parents are not allowed to contact teachers directly during school hours. In case, such a meeting is desired by the parent, prior appointment with the class teacher should be taken.
9. If a Student is likely to be absent through illness for a longer period, the Principal must be informed within three days. Doctor's medical certificate of fitness must be submitted to the Class Teacher on the day of resuming classes.
10. Parents and Guardians are specially requested to notify the School of any change in their address and telephone number.
11. Parents, guardians or other persons are not allowed to see the pupils or call them on telephone during School hours or Interview the Teachers, while they are engaged in teaching, or at their residence.
12. Parents are reminded that without their help and co-operation no significant improvement can be expected intently requested to encourage regularity and discipline, to see that their children attend to the homework set, come to school in proper uniform, and bring all the books required for the day's work. Every student shall endeavour to keep up the high standard and good reputation of the school by his/her good behavior, values and deportment.