Why SIS: Pursuit of Excellence:

SIS possesses a unique infrastructure.
SIS enables every child to realize his/her potential.
SIS inspires every child to achieve excellent academic results as well as holistic development.
SIS enriches by providing multiple streams in higher secondary classes.
SIS supports every individual to develop one's own personal strength.
SIS cherishes every child's uniqueness and nurtures individuality through proper Counseling as and when Required.
SIS grooms future leaders with democratically elected student as minister.
SIS collaborates with the local community for community service projects.
SIS fosters camaraderie and team work with multidimensional sporting opportunities.
SIS forges strong and close mentor-pupil relationship.
SIS enhances pupil's overall progress with a sound foundation.
SIS encourages parental involvement with numerous PTM's and constant communication.
SIS appoints highly qualified experienced teaching staff.
SIS treats every child to be unique in themselves.
SIS has a separate pre-primary wing for the free learning and shaping young minds.
SIS aims to soar high.
SIS Basketball, KHO KHO and Sports Facilities are one of the best in the country in CBSE Schools due to very Dedicated Coaches.

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