Educational Innovator

'SANSKAAR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL' is a school with a Difference! It is a movement in integral education, where a child's body, mind and soul are catered to for development to the fullest potential. The school's policies are child centric. The school feels that every person should be 'smart' later but 'good' first. The trinity of the learning process i.e. the child, the teachers & the parents are kept interactive and made to feel passionately towards learning.

The school's broad objective is to inculcate knowledge, wisdom, service motive and efficiency in its students at the effect level. With this view in mind, the name 'Sanskaar' has been chosen for this school as it denotes the values of our culture and an evolved society that frames the limits of an ideal human's behaviour. Since world has now become a global village and geographical barriers have been eroded substantially, the world 'international' has been chosen to denote our adherence to global standards in school education.

I love the School, the kids, their parents, the teachers and the Management since they are all committed to excellence by standing firmly on their ground, valuing their roots and moving forward to sculpt their future. Preserving Culture and Sculpting Future !!!