Reflections From Gems of Sanskaar (Motivation)

Ms. Urvashi Srivastava (Ex Exam controller Ex Head of the deptt Social Studies).

Hello all, My journey is Sanskaar has been an amazing one. Made so many friends and learnt a lot from each one of them. Those who were not in my friends list ( though there were few) have also taught me a lot. And when I compare the positive and the negative, the share of negativity is negligible and it simply means that it is not worth remembering. I overheard many times that Principal ma'am and Neeraj sir .

gave me undue privileges..But that was because of my dedication and giving 100% to the organization..You all can also try getting that kind of privilege by doing so..And you will get it for sure. Each one of you including students, administrative staff, teachers and even the supporting staff have contributed immensely towards the betterment of my life. Thank you Principal ma'am, Raj kumar sir, Akansha ma'am, Anupam sir, Bhatnagar ma'am, Anju ma'am, Neha Bhargav ma'am and all the senior teachers for being helpful and a source of guidance. Shashi ma'am, neha, nidhi, roopam, saman ma'am, vishal sir, avinash sir, kumud ma'am, ashish sir, jyoti ma'am and kirti ma'am for being such wonderful support like younger siblings. I would like to mention Mohit sir's name also who got connected so well in such a short period of time. Teachers who don't find their names here have also been supportive as and when they were required. I will never forget you all and will be honoured to be of any kind of help and support if required. My special thanks to Neeraj sir, who has been a great guide, support, leader and most of all the bestest friend. He is the most precious gift that I have got from SIS. Keep shining always..Love you all