Inspiring Creativity/ Celebrating Harmony

Fine Artss

Art is envisaged as an integral part of life for the future citizens to be able to appreciate and develop an aesthetic mindset. The emphasis is on creativity through knowledge of all art forms. At SIS, we stand committed to discovering and nurturing our students’ inherent talent.
SIS offers a wide spectrum of visual arts in its well-equipped Art classroom. students are able to creatively express themselves through activities such as Drawing, Painting, Craft, Pottery and

Glass Painting. This array of activities - such as Folk Art, Rangoli, Water Colour, Collage Making etc - help students to channelize their reservoir of energy to manifest their creative skills.

Performing Arts

The Performing Arts Department offers Dance (Indian Classical and Western), Theatre and Music. Indian Classical Vocal music is taught along with instruments like Harmonium, Tabla and Sitar. Western Vocal and Instrumental Music is immensely popular at our School. Instruments like Keyboards, Guitar and a wide range of Drums are taught and learnt with great interest.

Ample opportunities to learn Indian Classical and Western Dance are provided at the School. Folk dance traditions are passed down through generations across different cultures to celebrate important occasions in our lives. These skills are enthusiastically taught and learnt at SIS.