Mr. NEERAJ AGARWAL B.Com. (Gold Medalist), M.B.A.

Manager, Sanskaar International School, Prayagraj

Vision without action is just a dream, and action without vision is simply a wasted effort. Hence, it requires both to convert dreams into reality. As an educationist as well as an entrepreneur, I had the privilege of working closely on building this institution that is unique and stands apart from the crowd of run-off the-mill institutions.

The word 'Sanskaar' carries a deep meaning and is a process of 'Dosha Apnayan' (Removal of Dosh or Weaknesses), 'Gunadhan' (Guno or high qualities development) and 'Henag Purti' (Creation or addition of what which is missing or not present).

Thus this word is best suited to depict the philosophy of a good school as schools are meant to do just these. Even the logo of the school was carefully chosen to symbolize the human hand as an caring institution and a green leaf as a student. The leaf has 16 edges - each denoting 16 Sanskaar mentioned in Sanatan Dharma Granths. I also maintain that school days are the best days in a persons' life and thus carry special weightage. Its duty of all in the management council and teachers to fill the days of all students with joy, purpose full learning, love for the country and country men, care for the weak and down trodden, values of Indian culture, decency and civic sense, discipline and grace in all affairs and wisdom that leads to ultimate freedom - mokshya.

I feel deeply indebted to my own school, The Boy's High School and College, Allahabad and my parents besides many great authors and personalities of this societies who have shaped my thinking which helped carve the SIS dream. I am greatly indebted to my family and specially my brother Umang Agarwal without whom this or anything else would not have been possible.

I am immensely proud and lucky to have a Guru in H. H. Swami Subhodhananda Ji of Chinmaya Mission, who has always sheltered me in all ways possible and raised my humble existence to the position where I feel more satisfied, organised and elevated. I shall on my part leave no stone unturned in providing world class infra structure to the school and best possible academic and co scholastic guidance at all times. May the spirit of the School Pledge - the Chinmaya Yuva Kendras CHYK's Pledge - flow through us and make us better human beings and very proud Indians.